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About our equipment

We operate with fleet of regular tandem axle trucks and specialized tandem axle day-cab trucks equiped with the Kalmar Lifting 5th Wheel for shuttles and cartage services which is designed to make trailer spotting much more efficient by saving time, labor, improving safety and productivity by 2.5 times while offering shuttling and spotting services with one type of equipment at the low cost.
We also offer specialized Ottawa spotting trucks that are often reffered throughout the industry as terminal tractors, shunters, jockey trucks, buggies, yard goats, yard horses, yard mules and spotters. These units are capable of hauling up to 53 foot trailers and containers for short shuttles.

Our spotting trucks are equipped with hydraulic fifth wheels, king pin release, and air-ride suspensions. All units are road-geared for short run distances over public highways. The vehicles are specifically designed for "spotting" semi-trailers in or around commercial freight yards. They have heavy framework built to accommodate a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, which allows our operator to move trailers without exiting the cab.

Once the trailer has been moved to it's destination, the operator can lower the trailer back to the ground, and uncouple the fifth wheel by way of an air-release on the fifth wheel. Our yard truck can normally move 3 units in the same amount of time that a standard truck would use to move 1 unit.

We are equipped with insta chains for tough winter months.

Insta Chains

Why Choose Us

By choosing us you can reduce transaction costs and eliminate unnecessary steps in the supply chain and transportation management. Yard Management and Spotting will optimize inbound delivery times.

Our equipment is ready for rough winter months - by using Insta Chains we add value and service quality.

We are equipped with automatic wheel chain system

How Insta Chain works?

When hazardous conditions of ice and snow threaten the safety, we just flip a switch and automatic wheel chain system go to work. We never have to stop the vehicle to "chain up." We don't even have to leave the driver's seat. Traction is instant and fully automatic! And it meets all states' DOT requirements.

Benefits of automatic wheel chain system

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